About Cathy Welch

My interest in pregnancy and birth began following the birth of my son in 1989. I became an NCT antenatal teacher in 1995 and have continued running courses for first-time parents and refreshers’ ever since. I now also assess and tutor for NCT.

Wanting to develop my skills further I trained as a homoeopath and in 2003 set up a practice in the Farnham (Surrey) & Aldershot (Hampshire) area. This brought me into close contact with many local parents and their children. I began to run regular, short Self Help Homoeopathy courses and Preparation for Childbirth Sessions with pregnant women and their partners.

In 2006 I began to run NCT Yoga for Pregnancy classes in Ash, Surrey. These have gone from strength to strength and it has been fantastic working closely with pregnant women, supporting them to work intuitively – trusting their bodies to carry and birth their babies. Around the same time I started to hear about hypnobirthing…and was intrigued.

In 2011 I trained in hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy. This approach ties in beautifully with my belief in holistic birth preparation, where women feel free to work with their bodies and their emotions throughout their journey towards birth. Women are designed to give birth and if they have confidence in their abilities and are able to trust their instinctive birthing behaviours then they can approach labour and birth free from fear and feeling empowered. Natal Hypnotherapy is a UK-based verion of hypnobirthing with similarities to the American ‘Mongan Method’ Natal Hypnotherapy focuses more on working with the intensity of labour and birth within the UK healthcare system. Adapting the tools and techniques as necessary to keep women and their partners calm and confident.

At the end of 2014 I moved to Wiltshire – just north of Devizes. I am now offering Natal Hypnotherapy Workshops in Bromham, Wiltshire and can also offer 1:1 sessions within the Devizes, Chippenham, Trowbridge area.

“Cathy was very calm and positive – she easily turned out fears around” Richard, Natal Hypnotherapy Workshop May 2012

“Cathy is very approachable and flexible…she is very knowledgeable and totally on-board/believes what she is teaching” Hattie, Natal Hypnotherapy Workshop May 2012

“I was a little sceptical as to whether this might be for me but was won over pretty quickly. Can’t believe I have been here all day – it flew by!” Greg, Natal Hypnotherapy Workshop October 2013

In 2014/2015 I extended my NCT Yoga for Pregnancy into working with women (and their babies) after birth. With additional training from Birthlight I began to offer NCT Mother & Baby Yoga classes in Holt, near Bradford-on-Avon,  and Birthlight 1:1 Postnatal Yoga in women’s homes or in my own home in Bromham. It feels like the circle is now complete and it has been a joy to see women all the way through their pregnancies and beyond into the postnatal year.

‘Cathy came across as an experienced practitioner and was well prepared for each session. She was calm
and thoughtful throughout the classes which helped me to relax knowing I was in good hands.’ (Amber July 2015)