Childbirth Preparation Sessions
These one hour sessions give women and their birth partners an opportunity to find out about how homoeopathy can be another tool to help them through labour and birth.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to homoeopathy or a long-term user – the session will explore your individual needs and tailor the support homoeopathy can offer in a holistic way. You will be given an information booklet to take away with you after the session to help you during labour and you can use your own remedies or you can buy a kit at a reduced price.

The Homeopathy Practice, Still House, Farnham

Introduction to Homoeopathy & Self Help Courses
Once your baby has been born you may be interested in attending an Introduction to Homoeopathy or Self Help Homoeopathy Course to learn about how you can use homoeopathy for first aid/emergencies/minor ailments. Courses run throughout the year and are demand-led. Courses are at 4 levels to allow for a gradual building of knowledge and experience. These courses are also suitable for other complementary therapy practitioners, doulas or adults without children.

Introduction to Homoeopathy (Self Help Part I)
(1 x 3 hour session – £35)

Self Help Course (parts II & III)
(2 x 3 hour sessions – £60 for both or £35 for individual sessions)

Intermediate Course I
(1 x 6 hour session – cost £70.00)

Intermediate Course II
(1 x 6 hour session – cost £70.00)

Childbirth Preparation Sessions
£45 for the session or £70 to include Helios Childbirth Remedy Kit


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