Natal Hypnotherapy

Natal Hypnotherapy™, also referred to as hypnobirthing, was developed by clinical hypnotherapist Maggie Howell and has reached over 100,000 women.

“It’s not just the course I would recommend, I’ll be recommending Cathy. If you’re on the fence about deciding to do the course, I recommend taking the step and broadening your horizons – these are techniques I can see employing well beyond the birth”
(John – July 2013 workshop)

Natal Hypnotherapy™ teaches a woman to fully trust her body, to address, understand and overcome fears, to reframe her beliefs and to find out how to work with her body in the way that is right for her. It does not teach women that birth is “pain free”, instead it teaches women to accept, welcome and work with the sensations in her body and to understand the causes and reasons behind the sensations she is feeling. The workshops teach her ways to use hypnobirthing to work with the sensations of labour and ways to “regroup” if sensations become particularly strong for example after waters breaking or a change of location.

“I am lost for words to tell you how thankful I am for the tools you gave me. It was a completely different experience for me from the last time, a truly peaceful entry to the world for baby. I was known as the star of the ward would you believe!!!! Proud as punch I was!”
(Esther – March & April 2014 workshops)

Natal Hypnotherapy™ also focuses equally on preparing a woman’s birth partner to overcome fears, to fully understand the birth process from a physiological as well as hormonal level and to learn effective ways to help a woman work with her body and to flow with the direction of birthing rather than fight it. Women can attend with a partner, a doula, a best friend – anyone who they wish to be their supporter – or if they prefer, they can attend alone.

Photo: Labouring woman supported by her husband and mother

Couples may have attended other antenatal classes before participating in Natal Hypnotherapy workshops. For those that have, they still find they learn new skills, techniques and gain a better understanding of birthing by participating in a Natal Hypnotherapy workshop.

“It was great! My wife is now so much more relaxed about birth…” (Andy – April 2012 workshop)

The Natal Hypnotherapy™ workshops together offer a complete birth preparation course and teach couples a wide range of comfort measures including massage, positions, visualisation, use of water and of a birthing ball. The workshops teach parents all they need to know to feel prepared and ready for birth. They are no longer frightened about the experience and so find that they enjoy practicing the techniques, take time out to relax, and let go of all the old fears and concerns. At the end of each workshop, couples leave feeling confident, excited and truly prepared. Attendees receive a free Natal Hypnotherapy™ CD when they book one workshop and additionally are offered a free copy of Maggie’s Effective Birth Preparation book when they book both together.

“This course has given me such a fundamental and powerful understanding of how natural, calm, loving and intimate childbirth can be” (Steph – May 2013 workshops)

Please contact Cathy by email or telephone to discuss workshop dates/location and/or private 1:1 tuition or perhaps you could join forces with some friends to make up numbers for an additional course date to be arranged to meet your availability.

Photo: Sister and father-to-be supporting

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